Contact Lens Fitting

Close-up Of Blue Woman Eye With Contact Lens Applying

Contact lenses are considered a medical device that practically and legally need to be evaluated on the eye(s) periodically to prevent long term consequences. The evaluation reveals if the cornea, clear front surface which the contact rests on, is healthy enough for contact lens wear. Some adverse conditions include: corneal ulcers, bacterial or viral infections, inflammation, or severe dry eyes. The contact themselves need to be fitted to make sure that there is the right balance of movement; allowing the eyes to breathe while still sitting comfortably and properly.

At Family Eyecare Center we are one of the largest offices in all of the bay area which also manages one of the largest contact lens dispensaries. We are also able to offer our patients contact lens products months and sometimes even years before any other offices. This allows us to have the best chance at fitting your eyes with the best possible contact lens. We also participate in many contact lens studies which help improve patient care. There are many types of contact lenses and fitting techniques, let us know at Family Eyecare Center which ones your interested in!