Enchroma Color-Vision Glasses

Enchroma Video

Color blindness affects 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women. Most people who suffer from color blindness are not blind to color, but have a reduced ability to see them. Color blindness is also called Color Vision Deficiency (CVD). But now thanks to Enchroma Color-Vision Glasses, these people can now see in color

A person with red­-green color blindness sees the world differently. Enchroma lenses use high-tech optics to enhance color before it reaches the eye, giving the color blind access to a new world of color experience!

Most patients notice a significant difference in the way they see the world within 10-­15 minutes of trying on the Enchroma lenses, depending on the severity of color deficiency. Some patients may take longer, which is why our office will allow you to take the lenses home to try for a period of time! Enchroma lenses are available for indoor and outdoor use, can be made with or without your prescription, and can be made in most frames!

If you or someone you care for is color deficient and would like access to a new world of color, call our office today for a consultation!