Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are considered a medical device that practically and legally need to be evaluated on the eye(s) periodically to prevent long term consequences. The evaluation reveals if the cornea, clear front surface which the contact rests on, is healthy enough for contact lens wear. Some adverse conditions include: corneal ulcers, bacterial or viral infections, inflammation, or severe dry eyes. The contact themselves need to be fitted to make sure that there is the right balance of movement; allowing the eyes to breathe while still sitting comfortably and properly.

We are one of the largest offices in all of the bay area which also manages one of the largest contact lens dispensaries. We are also able to offer our patients contact lens products months and sometimes even years before any other offices. This allows us to have the best chance at fitting your eyes with the best possible contact lens. We also participate in many contact lens studies which help improve patient care. There are many types of contact lenses and fitting techniques, let us know at Family Eyecare Center which ones your interested in!

Ask your doctor about: Daily Contact Lenses, Monthly Contact Lenses, Dry Eye Contact Lenses, Toric Contact Lenses, Multifocal Contact Lenses, Rebates Available.

Acuvue Moist has one of the highest levels of UV protection available in a daily disposable contact lens. Ask about important UV information.

Clariti® 1 day lenses feature unique WetLoc® technology. The WetLoc® process creates a lens that naturally attracts and binds water molecules to the lens surface, so your eyes can stay moist and comfortable throughout your day.

Dailies Total 1 is the worlds first and only Water Gradient contact lens. Built with a moist cushion that is almost at 100% of the outer surface, for exceptional comfort. A lens that truly feels like nothing is on your eye.


Ever wanted vision correction that wasn’t glasses, contacts, or LASIK?

A lesser known vision correction alternative is called orthokeratology, or ortho-K for short. Rather than worn during the daytime, this rigid gas permeable lens (RGP), aka “hard contact lens,” is worn at night time during sleep. Due to its shape, it acts as a temporary retainer for the front surface of the eye to flatten, and during the time when the eye has been temporarily flattened, the distance correction is fully accounted for. Therefore, for most of the day, one has perfectly clear distance vision. As the day wears on, the eye’s front surface slowly reshapes somewhat.  Then, before bedtime, the lens is inserted and slept in. Due to the eyelids being closed during the time the lens is worn, comfort is usually not a concern.

This type of contact lens has many uses, not just for visual correction. First, for those involved with sports or other more physical activities (i.e. swimming), ortho-K allows for good distance vision without contacts or glasses during the day. Second, for those who spend hours in front of the computer and experience dry eyes with soft contact lenses, ortho-K may decrease the need for rewetting drops. Lastly, much research has been done in the area of myopia control. For children whose near-sightedness appears to increase each time they visit the doctor, or for children with highly myopic parents, this is a widely employed option to keep the myopia from increasing too rapidly or to a possibly greater extent.

At Family EyeCare Center, we have years of experience with orthokeratology. We use only FDA approved lenses, such as CRT and ISee, to ensure the safety of our patients. Not everyone’s prescription can qualify. So at your next eye exam, ask about ortho-K for yourself or your family!